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March 2017
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Speeding Tickets and the Color of Your Car
Do red vehicles attract more attention from the police and get more speeding tickets? Do other colors make you less likely to get a ticket? We did some checking and the answers may surprise you...
Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster Video Brochure
The all-new Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster is the car the open road was built for. It's the ultimate expression of...
2 Simple Fixes for a Heavy Keychain
Did you know that having a lot of extra weight on your car's keychain can damage your vehicle by...
Congratulations Ruben Abreu
This month we are congratulating Ruben on his 30 year anniversary with us!
Are Bridges Near You Structurally Deficient?
A new analysis shows that nearly 56,000 bridges are on the structurally deficient list. Here's how to see if one is near you.
If GPS Navigation was Southern
Usually GPS is the fastest way to get yourself from point A to point B. Unless your GPS is southern, then you might...