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January 2017
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Happy New Year to you and your vehicle! We have some great tips to get your 2017 started right.
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Police Need Your Help
It's a law that 70% of drivers break every day, one that most drivers don't even know exists, and it's the most dangerous thing that police encounter on a daily basis.
2 Employees Celebrating 10+ Years
We have two employees celebrating 10+ years this month with Mercedes-Benz of Cutler Bay. See who...
The New 2017 GLC Coupe Video Brochure
Join us as we explore the performance, design and technology of the first-ever GLC Coupe, and take in some of the sights of...
A Mercedes-Benz Snow Date
As this new video points out, there are some things you simply can't miss.
When Dogs Discover Snow for the First Time
Driving in the snow isn't much fun, but watching these dogs discovering snow is a lot of fun...
Auto Care: An Easy Resolution that Makes Financial Sense
Saving money is a great New Year's resolution, and one of the best ways you can save on your car maintenance is to...