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June 2017
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If you've ever suddenly noticed that you're on empty, and the closest gas station isn't so close, then don't miss our tip on how to drive farther on empty.
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Luke Elder
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5 Tips to Make it to the Gas Station When You're on Empty (#3 Will Surprise You)
If you find yourself driving on fumes, here are some tips to help you squeeze out a few extra miles so you can make it to the pump.
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Experience the AMG Driving Academy
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The Mercedes-Benz 2017 Summer Event
The asphalt just keeps getting hotter in the summer - and here's the reason why. Check out the latest Mercedes-Benz commercial entitled “Kiss the Cook,” arriving just in time to promote our 2017 Summer Event.
Don't Get Hit with Bogus Rental Car Charges
Discover the one important thing you need to do before you return your rental car in this one-minute video from Clark Howard.